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    BMW and Hyundai Join Forces to Develop Next-Generation of In-Car Connectivity

    A lot of cars available on the market today offer in-car connectivity features. That connectivity, however, is not standardized and therefore is oftentimes configured in a complicated riddle. To ease the burden on the driver and network, and ultimately improve in-car telematics and safety, BMW and Hyundai are collaborating to develop the next-gen of connectivity.

    Now, it might seem strange for two automakers to team up on such an initiative. However, they both bring valuable insights and experience to the table. And, neither is at risk of the other pulling any underhanded moves. Competing in different segments, the only thing they have to worry about is the task at hand.

    That task at hand, involves streamlining and enhancing in-car connectivity. As these two acts can often get in the way of each other, it will be challenging. To help, BMW and Hyundai have corralled a team of experts from a handful of global tech firms: Broadcom, NXP, Freescale and Harman. They call themselves Special Interest Group (SIG).

    SIG's special interest is to foster wide-scale endorsement of Ethernet-based connectivity and ultimately make such a foundation standard industry-wide. To do this, BMW, Hyundai and partnering tech firms will establish criteria players across the auto industry will be asked to meet (regardless of whether they're in the luxury, mid-range, or entry-level segments) and create Ethernet-compatible applications to support network migration. The self-imposed criteria BMW and Hyundai have set for themselves in assuming this project is that the finished design must not only improve connectivity and safety; it must also reduce network complexity and cabling expenses.

    According to Motor Authority, "The key to the newly established SIG is the proliferation of Broadcom's 'BroadR-Reach' technology as an open standard. This technology essentially enables high-performance bandwidth of 100Mbps over an unshielded single twisted pair cable, eliminating the need for expensive, cumbersome shielded cabling."1

    Of course, BMW, who has been offering models that support Ethernet capability since 2008, was eager to join such a worthy initiative. Be sure to stay tuned to learn how/when the results of SIG's efforts make their way into the new BMW lineup. In the mean time, remember you can always swing by Taylor BMW, located at 4180 Washington Rd. Evans, GA 30809 to take a test drive.

    Source: 1 http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1068855_bmw-and-hyundai-partner-on-next-gen-vehicle-connectivity

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