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    BMW Expands Hybrid Selection for 2012

    BMW has been one of the world leaders in luxury performance vehicles for over 4 decades. Known for their perfect combination of performance and luxury, BMW has come a long way to become the world's largest automaker. To help BMW stay the leading auto manufacturer BMW is taking a new approach for 2012 and putting more focus on fuel efficiency. Aside from the Active Hybrid 750i, ActiveHybrid 750Li, and Active Hybrid X6, there will be two more BMW hybrids available to the eco-minded speed demons of Evans, GA.

    If you have heard of BMW then you are probably familiar with the 3 Series, one of BMW's flagship models. Well, in 2012, BMW drivers in and around Evans, GA will have an all-new, 3-Series hybrid variant to satiate their unwavering cravings for power, distinction, and responsibility.

    The second collection to get a new hybrid variant in 2012? The BMW 5 Series, which makes for four hybrid models in total... And, that should just be enough arsenal to completely disable Japanese Rival, Lexus.

    Why is BMW so adamant about growing their hybrid lineup fast?  The answer is three-fold. First, they want to do their part to protect the environment. Second, they want to give drivers what they want...  Given 13-percent of the Big L's annual sales are comprised of hybrid vehicles (12-percent more than at the BMW) - BMW knows drivers don't just want hybrids, but that they'll buy them if they're available. Third, the Blue and White Shield doesn't just want to knock the Big L down - they want them to remain in a subordinate position for a very long time to come. One of the easiest ways for BMW to do that is to take a page from their gasoline-powered lineup: make better hybrids.

    To learn more about what you can expect from the forthcoming BMW 3 Series hybrid and BMW 5 Series hybrid, be sure to stay tuned. Taylor BMW, located at 4180 Washington Rd. Evans, GA 30809 is dedicated to keeping you informed. And remember, if you're interested in procuring a high-performance hybrid sooner rather than later, the BMW 7 Series and X6 offer two worthwhile options.

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