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    BMW and Hyundai Join Forces to Develop Next-Generation of In-Car Connectivity

    A lot of cars available on the market today offer in-car connectivity features. That connectivity, however, is not standardized and therefore is oftentimes configured in a complicated riddle. To ease the burden on the driver and network, and ultimately improve in-car telematics and safety, BMW and Hyundai are collaborating to develop the next-gen of connectivity.

    Now, it might seem strange for two automakers to team up on such an initiative. However, they both bring valuable insights and experience to the table. And, neither is at risk of the other pulling any underhanded moves. Competing in different segments, the only thing…

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    BMW Expands Hybrid Selection for 2012

    BMW has been one of the world leaders in luxury performance vehicles for over 4 decades. Known for their perfect combination of performance and luxury, BMW has come a long way to become the world's largest automaker. To help BMW stay the leading auto manufacturer BMW is taking a new approach for 2012 and putting more focus on fuel efficiency. Aside from the Active Hybrid 750i, ActiveHybrid 750Li, and Active Hybrid X6, there will be two more BMW hybrids available to the eco-minded speed demons of Evans, GA.

    If you have heard of BMW then you are probably familiar…

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    New Competition Edition M3 To Honor 40 Years of BMW

    If you know BMW, you likely know M is known as "the most powerful letter in the world"1. What you might not know is that the M moniker dates back to 1972. And while BMW M models are not limited to the track, they have earned championship titles at nine different North American race events, from 1996 to 2011.

    To celebrate the BMW M  model's racing heritage and ability to make  driver's heart race and bring tears to their eyes, BMW is creating 40 special, competition-edition M3 coupes to join their 2012 lineup. Each of the limited-production…

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