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    BMW Hosts World's Largest Showroom

    What takes up 8.6 acres of space, houses the finest new BMW vehicles in the world, and is located in the land of curries and naan? If you don't know, Taylor BMW won't hold it against you. Give up? The brand-new, ginormous BMW showroom in Abu Dhabi.

    That's right. The world's largest automotive showroom is not located in the automaker's home country. Instead, BMW chose the Middle East due to increased potential for growth and a large amount of available space. After three years of hard work and an $80-million investment, the showroom finally opened its doors to some 1,000 guests at an ultra-ritzy inaugural event.

    In addition to thanking important Abu Dhabi investors, Ian Robertson, member of the BMW Board of Management, exclaimed, "The Middle East is an important region for the BMW Group. We sold more vehicles here in 2011 than ever before...this impressive and unique facility...is testament to the continued opportunities that lie ahead in Abu Dhabi and in the region."1

    While the grand center serves as a strong symbol of the BMW brand and serves as an attraction for enthusiasts, it's also a fully-operating dealership. Unlike Taylor BMW at 4180 Washington Rd. Evans, GA 30809-3086, however, the Abu Dhabi BMW showroom staffs a total of 450 employees. In addition to holding a permanent display of 70 BMW automobiles and 10 motorcycles, the showroom will contain a comprehensive lineup of newer pre-owned vehicles and full-range BMW service center.

    Can't make it to the Persian Gulf Emirate any time soon? That's okay. We have all the BMW parts, service and vehicles you need right here in your own backyard. Simply swing by in person to peruse our selection or contact us in advance and set up an appointment.

    Source: 1http://www.autoblog.com/2012/02/17/bmw-opens-8-6-acre-flagship-showroom-in-abu-dhabi/

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