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    BMW Debuts Premier 2 Series Convertible for 2015

    There's no better way to enjoy beautiful weather, beautiful Evans, GA scenery and beautiful company than in a convertible -- and now you can have it all in a 2 Series package. Nothing says you're loving life like cruising down the open road in an elegant BMW with the wind in your hair and all cares out of your mind.

    With a roomy interior; convenient and chic fabric top; and the incomparable style of?

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    Built for Survival: the BMW X5 Security Plus

    Today our attention is turned to the ongoing Moscow Motor Show, where automakers from around the globe have shown up to show off their latest and greatest to the people of Russia. BMW showed up this week with a very interesting car that could certainly come in handy especially if you live near Ukraine. It's called the BMW X5 Security Plus and it will literally take a bullet for you.

    This is not the?

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    Getting Wild in the BMW M235i

    Ever since the all-new 2014 BMW M235i hit showrooms at the beginning of the year, it has been picking up prestigious awards from around the industry. Consumer reports even gave the M235i a score of 98 out of 100 that is one of the highest of all time ahead of even the 911. After that, the M235i was given the title of TOP SAFETY PICK+ by the IIHS and now they are flying out of?

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    BMW Shows Off 2015 M4 Performance in Unique Way

    Remember back at the Beijing Auto Show in April when BMW showed off the 2015 M4? Now, the Bavarian automaker is giving the high-performance model a bit more attention with its very own video of it maneuvering around one of the most dynamic and unique racetracks yet. BMW was really thinking outside of the box when they transformed the deck of a Nimitz-class American aircraft carrier into the ultimate racetrack.

    While this video is purely?

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    Get a Glimpse Into the Origins of the 6 Series

    It's no secret that we at Taylor BMW take great pride in our mutually-preferred German automaker's storied history.  After all, taking a look back at that from which we came is how we gain an appreciation for the present.  Today, we'd like to take a trip down memory lane to 1976 - the year in which the first 6 Series model, the E24, made its debut.

    This classic coupe is simply timeless.  You?

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    BMW Launches Film for 2015 X6

    As you may, or may not have heard (and if not, now you know), BMW has unveiled its next generation X6. Since it was launched in 2008, the Bavarian automaker's coupe-styled SAV has been winning hearts and minds all across the segment. And we'd wager it will continue to do so with its refreshed design and interior.

    As BMW is wont to do, it has released a launch film with no shortage of…

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    How BMW's Efficient Dynamics Development Strategy Works

    For years, the BMW Group is revered for not only creating top-of-the-line luxury vehicles, but it's also known for extreme attention to detail for the sake of improved efficiency and dynamics. Just ask an owner of a new BMW about their driving experiences. You won't be disappointed with the answers.

    It's been over a decade since the BMW Group introduced its Efficient Dynamic development strategy. With this strategy, the cream of the?

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    Behold the BMW Vision Gran Turismo

    You might not be able to tell from our winning smiles and snappy duds, but many of us here at Taylor BMW would consider ourselves gamers. Some may not consider it the most flattering label out there, but truth is that it's our favorite automaker's fault. Because had it not been for them and had it not been for Gran Turismo, you can bet your bottom dollar we'd be spending a lot less time in front of the TV.

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    Check Out What BMW Brought to Beijing

    If there's one thing we can say about the folks at BMW, they're not content to rest on their laurels. Over the past 10 months, we've seen so many new models, we can hardly keep track of them all! Luckily for us, the ones that are bound for dealerships soon were brought to the Beijing Motor Show, and were put together in a video for your easy perusal.

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    BMW Creation Finds a New Way to Define Comfort

    Are you a parent with an infant that keeps you up all night? Are you a BMW owner or fan? What do those two things have anything to do with one another?

    Introducing the BMW ZZZ Series: the Ultimate Sleeping Machine. Settle your beautiful child down in an unconventional crib, a BMW crib. The shell is as sleek defined as your very own new BMW and the soft materials are luxurious by BMW standards.


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