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    Scope Our Sharp-Dressed Compact SUV: 2015 BMW X3

    If you've yet to meet our standout SUV, the 2015 BMW X3, then we at Taylor BMW feel you should do yourself a favor and follow along with this post today.  We'll ensure that, by the end of this article, you've got a keen sense of what this vehicle's all about.  Start things off by viewing the clip below, a spanking-new TV spot for the X3 called "Cute Cottage":

    We love…

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    All-Star Athletes and BMW Will Unite at the 2012 Olympics

    In the area of athletics, the best of the best belong at the Olympics. But Taylor BMW thinks the cream of the automotive crop belong there as well. After all, an influx of important people requires a strong supply of VIP transportation. It seems as though the London Organizing Committee would agree. In an effort to provide the finest ride for the finest athletes, the committee has chosen BMW as an official sponsor for the London 2012 Olympics this summer.

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    2011 Marks Success for BMW

    If you follow our Taylor BMW blog, then you know we've been enthusiastically looking towards the new year and giving you the run-down on upcoming releases. But before saying good-bye to 2011, we'd like to take some time and highlight all the achievements that this year brought. From new BMW models to significant partnerships, the automaker certainly created some high volume chatter.

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