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4180 Washington Rd.
Evans, GA 30809

  • Sales: (877) 460-8566
  • Service: (706) 868-6400

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    Reviews From Our Customers

    Posted by: Mike J August 01, 2015

    Quick service, excellent quality.
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    Posted by: Thomas E August 01, 2015

    perfect rocky was very helpfull
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    Posted by: Dana S August 01, 2015

    Taylor BMW was an extra friendly dealership with no pressure! They listened to my needs and worked very well with me!
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    Posted by: Pauline B August 01, 2015

    The service and hospitality were great. Excellent service and maintenance advice about warranty were given and appreciated. As always, I look forward to prompt and efficient service from Taylor BMW.
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    Posted by: Courtnei W July 31, 2015

    Exceptional service provided by Taylor BMW service department along with excellent customer service by Wendy, Rocky, and Brian! Service team was attentive to my vehicle needs.
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    Posted by: Terri R July 31, 2015

    Rocky is the best service manager I've ever known in my 40+ years of driving.
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    Posted by: Miriam A July 31, 2015

    It was a great experience. I drove by the lot on Sunday. Called my salesperson on Monday. Test drove the car on Tuesday. Had my X3 in my garage on Wednesday. My salesperson even came to my house and programmed both of my garage doors to my new BMW and my old BMW.
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    Posted by: Susan D July 31, 2015

    Outstanding service is expected and you have again performed well
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    Posted by: David S July 31, 2015

    Cameron worked with the management staff, including finance, to get the best deal possible given my parameters. I will be back.
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    Posted by: Thomas C July 30, 2015

    100% satisfaction
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